Bright Hero - An Epic Math-Puzzle RPG Free for iOS

"Bright Hero is an Epic Math Puzzle-RPG."

brighthero_02Unlike any others, Bright Hero game allows you to use your math skills to help and fight with hero against monsters. Monsters are invading a fantasy world of Ayodia. They took away memories and knowledges from everyone but you. So, you're the only one who still remember how to calculate and you can help the hero by getting him weapons and potions. The rule is simple. A monster sets the target. And if you can calculate a value according to the target, you'll get a weapon or a potion. Use them to fight it back. Collect gold coins and experience points for level up with improved strength. Math!? -- Don't worry. If you can calculate with addition (+), subtraction(-), multiplication (×) and division (÷), it's already good enough.

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Addicting Math-Puzzle gameplay blended seamlessly with role-playing battle style.


  • Use math calculation to get weapons and potions for the battle.
  • Various ways of calculations. All functions can be purchased with gold coins received from a battle.
    • standard functions: +, -, ×, and ÷
    • additional functions: x2, square root (√x), xy, factorial (x!), etc.
  • You don't have to be a math specialist. Only standard functions can also bring you to the end. However, additional functions allow you calculate faster and more flexible.
  • Two types of calculation targets:
    • One fixed value e.g. calculate 234, 15, 45, etc.
    • More possible values e.g. multiple of 3, odd number, even number, etc.
  • Calculation range: integers from 0 to 999


  • Tutorials for basic control.
  • Enjoy 5 worlds of battles with hours of fun.
  • AUTO Battle mode
    • Concentrate only the calculation part, the AUTO Battle mode will fight and heal for you.
    • All-in attack option
  • Manual Battle mode (default): control everything by yourself from calculation to attack timing.
  • 3 types of weapons -- sword, axe and magic wand
  • Combo attack chains for more damage.
  • Fight against cute and amazing creatures.
  • Epic boss battle
  • Buzz: your device vibrates when hero's HP is low.
  • Sacrifice hero's HP for calc target changes
  • Pleasant sounds and musics

brighthero_04 [Challenge]

  • 3 levels in each stage (normal, medium and hard). You can replay any stages you've already won as much as you need, either to collect the experience points, gold coins or to get a medal.
  • 3 goals in each battle.
  • Calculation target is more difficult according to hero's level.

[Game Center]

  • Achievements -- explore and unlock achievements
  • Leaderboard -- compete with players all over the world

[In-App Purchase]

  • Gold coins -- instantly get extra gold coins for spending in the shop
  • Gold coins multiplier -- boost your gold coin earnings from the battle
  • Ad will be removed for any in-app purchases you made

[Universal App]

  • Download once and play it across all your devices.


Learning math has never been more fun!

Play Bright Hero on your iPhone and iPad and you'll enjoy epic battles together with math learning.

How is this possible?

Try it for yourself. It's FREE.

It's time to turn your knowledge into weapons. Download and Unleash your Power now to save the world of Ayodia.

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